Illegal Gambling, Match Fixing and Online Gambling

Information about illegal gambling, match fixing, underground casinos, and other illegal online gambling statistics are collected from public reports. The value of the illegal gambling market, amount wagered, or amount of winnings collected from the illegal betting market is listed in US Dollars. Click on the information to see information about the illegal activity.

Illegal Gambling Statistics

  1. ‘Ndragheta Mafia Illegal Gambling Revenue$1.7 Billion
  2. Arrests in Las Vegas for CheatingAround 500 people per year
  3. Cockfight ArrestsAround 100 in California per year
  4. Cockfight Management$2,000 per day hosting matches
  5. Cockfight Winnings$15,000 in Los Angeles
  6. Cost to fix a football match in Croatia$25,600
  7. Cost to fix a football match in Italy$516,000
  8. Costa Rica Sports Books$12 Billion wagered per year
  9. Gambling Arrests – China600,000 in 2009
  10. Gambling Runner – Singapore$1,566 to $2,349 per day
  11. Gaming Revenue Unreported in Macau$90 Billion
  12. Illegal Bets in Thailand$21 to $27 Billion in wagers
  13. Illegal Betting on Baseball$30 to $40 Billion
  14. Illegal Betting on College Football$60 to $70 Billion per year
  15. Illegal Betting on Cricket$50 Billion
  16. Illegal Betting on March Madness Tournament$2.5 Billion
  17. Illegal Betting on NFL$80 to $380 Billion per year
  18. Illegal Casino Profit in Japan$1,969,400 in 17 months
  19. Illegal Casinos – Greece1,000 locations with 11,000 machines in 2012
  20. Illegal Casinos – Mexico800 operating across Mexico
  21. Illegal Casinos in Thailand700,000 to 1,000,000
  22. Illegal Gambling – Canada$13.9 Billion
  23. Illegal Gambling – India$49 Billion
  24. Illegal Gambling – Israel$2.8 Billion
  25. Illegal Gambling – South Korea$67.3 Billion
  26. Illegal Gambling Halls in Russia500,000 in 2012
  27. Illegal Gambling on 2014 World Cup – Macau$645 Million from one ring
  28. Illegal Gambling on 2014 World Cup – Thailand$1.3 Billion
  29. Illegal Online Betting in Greece$1.29 Billion
  30. Illegal Online Gambling – Australia$1.04 Billion
  31. Illegal Online Gambling – China$562.4 Million
  32. Illegal Online Gambling – Malaysia$2.4 Billion in earnings
  33. Illegal Online Gambling – Turkey500,000 bettors, 400 websites
  34. Illegal Slot Machines – Puerto Rico50% of bets placed in Asia
  35. Illegal Sports Betting – United States$500 Billion
  36. Laundering Cash Through Illegal Gambling in Germany$155 Million
  37. Match Fixing of NCAA Basketball Games1% of games
  38. Match Fixing Profits$15 Billion
  39. Money Laundering Through Macau Casinos$202 Billion
  40. Offshore Gambling by US residents$2.6 Billion
  41. Online Bets Placed At LegendzOver $1 Billion before shutdown
  42. Online Gambling by US College Students16%
  43. Online Gambling Websites25,000 sites worldwide
  44. Online Poker Players in US in 20112 million
  45. Online Poker Players in US in 2011 after crackdown490,000
  46. Payments to Drug Cartels in Mexico$10,000 per week in “tax”
  47. Sports betting by college athletes30% of athletes
  48. Tax Revenue if Online Poker was legalized in US$42 Billion over 10 years
  49. Underground Lottery Thailand19,923,643 players
  50. USA Arrests for Illegal Gambling in 198087,000
  51. USA Arrests for Illegal Gambling in 200011,000
  52. Using Sports Betting to Launder Money$140 Billion
  53. Virtual Casinos in Japan$50,500 earnings per casino
  54. Whe Whe Gambling in Trinidad and Tobago$350 Million lost tax revenue

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