Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing statistics, methods and catch information is collected from various government agencies, environmental organizations, and media reports. The economic impact and market losses of illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing is listed in US dollars. Click on the illegal fishing statistic for the original post about the activity.

Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Statistics

  1. Abalone – New Zealand1,000 tons
  2. Abalone – South Africa1,500 tons
  3. Anchovy – Peru1 Million Tonnes per year
  4. Beluga Caviar Smuggling by Russian Gangs$4,450 per kilogram
  5. Bluefin Tuna186 tonnes illegally caught in 2013
  6. Bluefin Tuna – Japan$6 Billion worth under-reported
  7. Bluefin Tuna Illegally Caught 1998-20071 in 3 bluefin worldwide
  8. Caspian Sea Impact90% drop from historic highs
  9. Caviar in EU591 tonnes imported in 2006, 12 tonnes seized in 5 years
  10. Caviar on the Black Market$3000 to $5000 per kilogram in EU and US
  11. Caviar Smuggling50 kg from 2000-2009
  12. Cod CatchesTwo-thirds unreported in North Atlantic
  13. Cod Catches – Atlantic Ocean100,000 tons
  14. Cost to Bribe Fishing Official – Cambodia$50
  15. Crab Poaching$700 Million per year in Russia
  16. Earnings for Fisherman Electrocuting Fish$485 per week in Vietnam
  17. Economic Losses from Illegal Fishing in Africa$200 Billion
  18. Economic Losses from Illegal Fishing in Pacific Ocean$2 Billion
  19. Economic Losses to Guinea$105 Million
  20. Eels in United Kingdom95% drop in population
  21. Freshwater Pearl Mussel – Scotland72 poaching cases
  22. Green Turtles65,000 turtles illegal caught in Mexico
  23. Illegal Catch by Chinese Boats in Africa3.1 million tonnes
  24. Illegal Fishing – Kenya$5 Million per year
  25. Illegal Fishing – Liberia$12 Million
  26. Illegal Fishing – Natna Islands, Indonesia$3.3 Billion
  27. Illegal Fishing – Nigeria20,000 youths lose jobs
  28. Illegal Fishing – Philippines458,850 tonnes of fish
  29. Illegal Fishing – Romania5,000 tons
  30. Illegal Fishing – Sierra Leone$29 Million per year in losses
  31. Illegal Fishing – Somalia700 to 800 boats
  32. Illegal Fishing Boats in Australia71 in 3 years
  33. Illegal Fishing Cases in South Korea4,605 cases of Chinese boats
  34. Illegal Fishing Losses – Malaysia$334 Million
  35. Illegal Fishing Supply19% of world’s catch
  36. Illegally Caught Fish in Africa1 million tonnes per year
  37. Illegally Caught Fish in Europe50% of all seafood sold
  38. Job Losses due to Illegal Fishing27,800 in EU
  39. Lost Revenue – Brunei$13 Million per year
  40. Lost Revenue – Uganda$180 Million per year
  41. Lost Tax Revenue – Tanzania$220 Million per year
  42. Pirate Fishing Impact on Yemen$150 Million in 2009
  43. Sockeye Salmon – Russia10 times more that officially reported
  44. Sturgeon Smuggling – Russia$800 Million tax loss in 2005
  45. Tuna Fish Smuggling in Pakistan$50 Million per year

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