Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money detection rates, seizures, and the information about the availability of counterfeit money for sale on the black market is collected from various public sources. Value of the fake money for sale and other financial impact of counterfeit currency is listed in US Dollars. Click on the counterfeiting value to see additional information.

Counterfeit Notes and Currency Information

  1. Arrests in Peru for Counterfeiting296 between 2010 and 2013
  2. Arrests in USA for Counterfeiting Money in FY13-143,617
  3. Conviction Rate for Counterfeiting Money in USA98.8%
  4. Counterfeit British Pound Coins in Circulation44 million in 2012
  5. Counterfeit Dollars Detected in Northern California$55,000 per week
  6. Counterfeit Dollars Made with Digital Printers – 1995Less than 1%
  7. Counterfeit Dollars Made with Digital Printers – 200962%
  8. Counterfeit Dollars Seized in FY13-14$88.7 Million
  9. Counterfeit Euro Coins in Circulation157,000 detected in 2011
  10. Counterfeit Euros in Italy550,000 to 800,000 fakes detected each year
  11. Counterfeit Euros in the Netherlands19,400 seized in first half of 2013
  12. Counterfeit Koruna (Czech Republic)2,045 seized in 2013
  13. Counterfeit Money in China1.17 Billion Yuan detected in 2009
  14. Counterfeit Money Rate in Australia10.2 fake banknotes per 1 million
  15. Counterfeit Money Rate in Canada28 fake banknotes per 1 million
  16. Counterfeit Money Rate in Japan0.2 fake banknotes per 1 million
  17. Counterfeit Money Rate in Mexico33.7 fake banknotes per 1 million
  18. Counterfeit Money Rate in New Zealand1 fake banknote per 1 million
  19. Counterfeit Money Rate in South Korea0.2 fake banknotes per 1 million
  20. Counterfeit Money Rate in USA6.5 fake banknotes per 1 million
  21. Counterfeit Notes – United Kingdom719,000 fakes removed in 2012
  22. Counterfeit Rupees (India)$2.2 Trillion
  23. Counterfeit US Dollars Made in Peru3,585 banknotes removed in 2013
  24. Country that makes most Fake DollarsPeru
  25. Detection Rate of Fake Rupees93% detected at bank
  26. Fake $100 Bills in Northern China2-4% from North Korea
  27. Fake Canadian Dollars68% passed in 2012 were $20 bill
  28. Fake Dollars Passing through NYC$200,000 per week in 2010
  29. Fake Dollars to Buy Metrocard in NYC917 fake bills used in 2012
  30. Fake Euros Removed from CirculationOver 6 million since 2002
  31. Fake Euros Removed in 2013670,000 counterfeit banknotes
  32. Financial Impact from Counterfeit Euros$676 Million
  33. North Korea Profit from Selling Fake Dollars$20 Million per year in 2005
  34. Profit from Making Counterfeit Dollars20 cents per $1 fake dollar
  35. Supernotes Seizures$7.8 Million on average in 2006
  36. Time to Make High-Quality Fake Dollars4-5 days for $300,000
  37. Top US Cities with Fake MoneyNYC, LA, CHI, Miami

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