Art Theft Cases and Crime Statistics

Art theft, antique smuggling, tomb raiding, and other intelligence about art crimes are collected from public documents and news reports. Value of the stolen art, insurance payments, and other financial information regarding theft is listed in US Dollars. Click on the statistics to see more information about that specific data.

Art Crimes and Theft Statistics

  1. Africa Looting95% of cultural property lost to traffickers and looters
  2. Antique Looter Commission1% of final sale price
  3. Antique Seizures in Turkey68,000 from 5,000 smugglers in 2010
  4. Antiquities for Sale on eBay95% fake
  5. Antiquities Theft Portion of all Art Crimes75%
  6. Art Pieces Stolen and Looted Artifacts Worldwide$10 Billion
  7. Art stolen from churches1,785 reported in 2005
  8. Art Theft Cases in Canada90 to 100 per year
  9. Art Thieves Commission for Stolen Art1-2% of Sale Price
  10. Artist with the Most Stolen WorkPablo Picasso
  11. Artwork Stolen in United Kingdom$482 Million value per year
  12. Bribe Fee to Pakistan Police$10 per day of digging
  13. Buddha statue from Pakistan$20,000
  14. Buddhist Antiques Smuggled out of India3,000 in 2006
  15. China Artifacts Looted and Entering Art Market5,000 to 12,000 per year
  16. Confederate General Sword$20,000 to $30,000 for Grave Digger
  17. FBI Art Theft Recovery Value$142 Million between 2004 and 2010
  18. Gold and Bronze Coins from Gaza Strip14,000 stolen
  19. Johor, Malaysia$1 Million market in looted items
  20. Looted Antiques Returned to Greece1,938 antiques between 1945-2008
  21. Looted Items Returned from N. America130 between 2006 and 2011
  22. Macedonia Religious Artifacts10,000 stolen over 10 years
  23. Museum Thefts Involving Insider90%
  24. Museum Thefts Per YearAvg of 35 From 1995-2010
  25. National Museum of Iraq – 200315,000 items looted after US invasion
  26. National Museum of Iraq – 20106,000 looted items recovered
  27. Nazi Stolen Works Still Missing100,000 as of 2013
  28. Number of Stolen Artwork Missing As of 2012350,000
  29. Recovery of Stolen Art by LAPD$81 Million over 15 years
  30. Russian Cultural Artifacts Stolen Value$1 Billion over 15 years
  31. Sales of Fake Native American Artwork$1 Billion per year
  32. State Museum of Art and Sculpture-Ankara, TurkeyOver 300 pieces stolen
  33. Stolen Art from Museums$752.5 Million between 2003 and 2008
  34. Stolen Art Market in Quebec$19.5 Million
  35. Stolen Art Piece Value When Sold10% of appraised value
  36. Syrian Antiques Smuggled on to Black MarketSold for $300 to $400
  37. Top Location of Art Theft40% takes place in UK, 19% in USA
  38. Where Art is Stolen From: Private Homes52%
  39. Where Art is Stolen From: Art Galleries10%
  40. Where Art is Stolen From: Churches8%

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