What is Corruption? Causes, Cases and Examples

Examples of corruption listed below have been collected from news articles, research essays, and other public reports. The types of corruption incidents listed below include government corruption, political corruption, police corruption, and acts of corruption in business. More information about the effects of corruption is available by clicking on the impact value.

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Types of Corruption

  1. Afghanistan – Impact of Corruption$3.9 Billion in 2012
  2. Africa – Effects of Corruption on Countries$148 Billion
  3. Arab Region – Effects of Corruption to Countries$350 Billion
  4. Austria – Impact of Corruption on Economy$22 Billion
  5. Bangladesh – Government Corruption$2.7 Billion paid in bribes in 1 year
  6. Brazil – Government Corruption100 public officials arrested in 2012
  7. Cambodia – Impact of Corruption on Economy$1.7 Billion per year
  8. Cambodia – Impact of Corruption on Sales9% of sales lost to bribes
  9. Canada14% losy business for refusing to pay bribes
  10. Canada – RCMP224 corrupt Mounties in 10 years
  11. China – Political Corruption$475 bribe to remove citizen complaints,/span>
  12. Corruption in Defense Industry Worldwide$20 Billion
  13. Croatia – Government Corruption18% paid bribe to public official per year
  14. Developing Countries$20 to $40 Billion in Aid lost to Corruption and Crime
  15. Dominican RepublicOver 200 accused of trafficking drugs in 4 years
  16. EU – Belief that Corruption is Widespread75% of EU Citizens
  17. EU- Effects of Corruption on Members States$162 Billion per year
  18. Global Companies14% fell victim to bribery and corruption in 2013
  19. Government Corruption Worldwide$1.6 Trillion in tax revenue stolen
  20. India – Construction Corruption$3.6 Billion in Mumbai
  21. Indonesia – Embezzlement from Government$137 Million in 2011
  22. Indonesia – Forest Ministry16% of logging permits were legitimate
  23. Indonesia – Police CorruptionOfficer ran $150 Million illegal logging ring
  24. Indonesia – Traffic Cop Chief$1,000 monthly salary, $18 million in assets
  25. Mexico – Impact on Economy$114 Billion
  26. Nigeria – Corruption in Education$21 Million for schools lost in 2 years
  27. Pakistan – Economic Impact of Corruption$102 to $122 Million per day
  28. Pakistan – Police Corruption25% of Karachi Police involved in kidnapping
  29. Romania – Medical Corruption80% offered bribes doctors
  30. Russia – Military Corruption$130 Million in 2013
  31. Saudi Arabia – Economic Impact of Corruption to Kingdom$14.6 Billion per year
  32. Somalia – Government$7 out of $10 in revenue goes missing
  33. South Africa – Government52% of bribes to traffic police
  34. Thailand – Complaints7,955 complaints filed in 2012
  35. Thailand – Corruption Losses$6.6 Billion in 2013
  36. Thailand – Effect of Corruption on GDP2.63%
  37. Thailand – Political Corruption30-35% of Government Spending
  38. UK – Government Corruption1 in 20 paid bribe to access public services
  39. UK – Police Corruption245 police corruption cases investigated per month
  40. United States – Customs132 arrested for corruption in 7 years
  41. United States – Corruption in Chicago1,531 convictions for public corruption
  42. United States – Political Corruption900 public officials investigated per year
  43. Vietnam – Corruption Cases278 trials in 2013
  44. Vietnam – Political Corruption3,000 party members punished in 4 years

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