Webcam Child Abuse in the Philippines

An international enforcement action broke up a child pornography ring in January 2014 that was providing customers with webcam streaming of children committing sex acts. The webcam was based in the Philippines and lead to 29 people being arrested. The investigation spanned across 12 countries and identified 733 suspects. After breaking up the ring, criminal justice programs in the Philippines rescued 15 children between the ages of 6 and 15.

The Souther region of Cebu in the Philippines  has become a hotspot for children engaging on sex acts on webcams. In September 2013, a Filipino couple was arrested for forcing their 3 children to perform on webcams. They were charging customers $100 to view their children.

(More child trafficking statistics here.)

Source:¬† AFP, “Philippine child webcam abuse ring uncovered in police probe,” Google News, January 16, 2014.