Using Stolen Identification to Buy Health Insurance

Computer hackers and identity thieves sell full kits of stolen identity on Internet forums for $1,200 to $1,300. These stolen identity kits contains a person’s basic information along with their Social Security number, driver license copy,  and bank account information with routing numbers.

For rush orders, the hackers charge an additional $100 to $500 for the set of documents.

(Prices to buy fake ids and passports on the black market.)

The buyers of these kits use the information to receive medical treatment. According to cyber security researchers, the buyers of these kits use the information to obtain treatment and surgeries with the stolen ids. Common uses are for kidney dialysis treatment and appendectomies. Thus, when there is a medical emergency, a rush order is placed.

Security researchers state that many of the buyers of the stolen ids do not have their own health insurance.

(More cybercrime prices here.)

Source:  Adam Greenberg, “Health insurance credentials fetch high prices in the online black market,” SC Magazine, July 16, 2013.