Ukraine Prostitution Industry

There are between 52,000 to 83,000 women working as prostitutes in Ukraine, according to the International HIV and Aids Alliance.

11,000 prostitutes work in the capital Kiev.

“VIP” prostitutes in the country who are able to speak a foreign language charge customers between $124 to $248 (100 to 200 Eur0s) for sex.

Corrupt police charge brothel owners up to $1,000 for each phone line that is used for clients to arrange for sexual encounters.

In 2012, Ukraine has the highest rate of HIV infection rate in Central Asia and Eastern Europe with at least 350,000 people living with HIV. Sexual intercourse has overtaken drug injection as the number one form of transmission.

24 percent of the prostitutes in Kiev are HIV positive.

(Cost to have sex with prostitutes worldwide.)

Source:  AFP, “Ukraine’s Sex Industry Bets on Euro 2012,” Jakarta Globe, May 30, 2012.

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