The Drug Capital of Central Asia

The city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan is reported to be the drug capital of Central Asia, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Due to the city’s geographic location, the city is used as a key transit point for drug trafficking routes in Central Asia. Heroin is trafficked from Afghanistan into Tajikistan, and into Osh, where is it then moved to Kazakhstan onto its main destination of Russia.

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Anti-narcotics agencies in the city seized over six tons of various illegal drugs in 2012. Included in the seizures was over 76 kilograms of heroin, 51 kilograms of hashish, and over 1 ton of cannabis.

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Along with the transportation of drugs, many city residents also abuse the illegal drugs. There were 1,400 registered drug addicts in the city. but health officials believe that the number of addicts is actually 10 times higher.

Source:  “Central Asia’s ‘Drug Capital’ Fights To Stem Tide Of Narcotics,” Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, January 4, 2013.