The cost of human smuggling routes around the world

The table below displays the average price that a person would pay to be smuggled into another country.

Routes Average Human Smuggling Price in US Dollars
Asia to the Americas 26,041
Europe to Asia 16,462
Asia to Australia 14,011
Asia to other Asian country 12,240
Asia to Europe 9,374
Europe to Australia 7,400
Africa to Europe 6,533
Europe to the Americas 6,389
Americas to Europe 4,528
Americas to other American country 2,984
Europe to other European country 2,708
Africa to the Americas 2,200
Africa to Australia 1,951
Africa to other African country 203

Source: Melanie Petros, “The costs of human smuggling and trafficking,” Global Migration Perspectives, No.31, April 2005. Pages 4 to 5. (PDF).