Elephant Poaching In Zimbabwe

In 2013, it was reported that poachers in Zimbabwe used cyanide to kill elephants at a nature reserve. Original estimates by wildlife officials found stated that around 100 elephants died from the poison. After further analysis, the number of elephants killed by cyanide has increased to over 300. Conservation officials state that it is the… Continue reading Elephant Poaching In Zimbabwe

Online Escort Prices in Zimbabwe

According to reports from various criminal justice programs, a crackdown on red-light districts of Zimbabwe has led to the sex trade moving its operations to the Internet. Both male and female escorts advertise their services online to customers, with one female escort stating that many European men use the service because they do not have… Continue reading Online Escort Prices in Zimbabwe

Value of Gold Smuggled Out of Zimbabwe Each Month

The Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe reported in May 2013 that up to $50 Million worth of gold was being illegally smuggled out of Zimbabwe each month. The gold is believed to be smuggled to South Africa where it is refined on its way to Switzerland. The cost to refine the gold in South Africa… Continue reading Value of Gold Smuggled Out of Zimbabwe Each Month