Wildlife for Sale on the Internet in Indonesia

According to ProFauna, a wildlife charity, wildlife traffickers are offering wildlife for sale on websites catering to customers in Indonesia. On the popular Indonesian forum site Kaskus, the NGO found at least 220 advertisements of wildlife for sale in the month of January 2014. Based on an analysis of the advertisements, researchers were able to… Continue reading Wildlife for Sale on the Internet in Indonesia

Cost to Buy Rhino Horn in the United States

Officials with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service state that a pound of rhino horns sells for over $5,000 pounds in the United States. From the US, the horn is smuggled into China and Vietnam where it is used for various purposes such as hang-over cures. In Vietnam, crushed rhino horn was being sold… Continue reading Cost to Buy Rhino Horn in the United States

Elephant Poaching In Zimbabwe

In 2013, it was reported that poachers in Zimbabwe used cyanide to kill elephants at a nature reserve. Original estimates by wildlife officials found stated that around 100 elephants died from the poison. After further analysis, the number of elephants killed by cyanide has increased to over 300. Conservation officials state that it is the… Continue reading Elephant Poaching In Zimbabwe

Sea Turtle Egg Smuggling

The World Wildlife Fund in Indonesia reported that smugglers are profiting from the price difference in sea turtle eggs in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Indonesia, the price of a single turtle egg at local markets costs $0.13 (1,500 Indonesian Rupiah). In Malaysia, the price of a single turtle egg is $0.23 (2,600 Rupiah). Turtle egg… Continue reading Sea Turtle Egg Smuggling

Siberian Tigers Killed in 2012-2013

Officials with the World Wildlife Fund stated that at least 19 Siberian Tigers were killed by poachers between 2012 and the first half of 2013 in Russia. The body parts of a Siberian tiger can be sold for up to $50,000 on the black market in China. (More prices of the illegal wildlife trade.) Source: “Poachers… Continue reading Siberian Tigers Killed in 2012-2013

Price of a Tiger on Lebanon’s Black Market

In the illegal wildlife trade market in Lebanon, the price that customers can purchase a tiger is between $5,000 to $10,000, according to animal welfare charity Animal Lebanon. In addition to tigers, other animals available on the black market of Lebanon include lion cubs, chimpanzees, crocodiles, African parrots and monkeys. (Additional prices of black market… Continue reading Price of a Tiger on Lebanon’s Black Market

Turtle Eggs For Sale on the Black Market

In the coastal city of Puerto Limón in Costa Rica, residents are becoming addicted to cocaine due to its location along the trafficking routes from South American to the United States. Security officials in the country state that many drug traffickers are paying local suppliers in cocaine, which is then consumed locally. (See all wildlife… Continue reading Turtle Eggs For Sale on the Black Market

Dog Trafficking in the United Kingdom

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that tens of thousands of puppies are trafficked from Ireland into the United Kingdom. The traffickers are meeting the demand of puppies due to a shortage in the UK from strict spaying and neutering polices that have lowered the dog population.