Internet piracy in Spain in the first half of 2010

Internet piracy in Spain cost content holders up to $7.3 Billion (5.2 Billion Euros) in revenue in the first half of 2010. Music piracy caused $3.8 Billion (2.7 Billion Euros) in losses, with 97.8 percent of all music downloads illegally pirated. Movie piracy caused $2.6 Billion (1.8 Billion Euros) in losses, with 77 percent of all movie downloads illegally pirated. And video game piracy caused $369 Million (262 Million Euros) in losses, with 60 percent of all video games downloaded illegally pirated. In comparison, $2.2 Billion (1.5 Billion Euros) were legally generated by the content industry online during the same period.

Piracy of best selling video game

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”, was the number one selling video game of 2009. The game sold 11.86 million copies in stores and through legitimate vendors.4.1 million copies of the game was illegally pirated off of bit-torrent sites in 2009.

Hand held video game piracy

Video game piracy of hand-held games leads to the loss of about $8.1 Billion a year, as losses due to pirating of Sony PSP and Nintendo DS games between 2004 and 2009 lead to worldwide losses of nearly $42 Billion.

Piracy in Spain

In the second half of 2009, piracy in Spain cost $6.28 Billion (5.1 Billion Euros) to content producers. Legal sales in the country during the same period were $1.97 Billion (1.6 Billion Euros). Movie piracy accounted for $2.95 Billion and music piracy for $2.83 Billion. Of the digital music market, 95 percent is illegally downloaded.… Continue reading Piracy in Spain