Price of Kenyan and Ugandan Prostitutes

According to media reports from Africa, men in Kenya are increasing choosing to visit prostitutes from Uganda rather than Kenya due to several factors. One of the main factors of preference for Uganda prostitutes is due to female genital mutilation (FGM) of Kenyan women. Due to the process of cutting of the labia, many women… Continue reading Price of Kenyan and Ugandan Prostitutes

Counterfeit Cigarettes In Uganda

The Managing Director for British American Tobacco Uganda claims that over 20 percent of the cigarette market in Uganda is made up of counterfeit cigarettes packs. Packs of cigarettes in Uganda are subject to a 42 percent excise tax. The smuggling of tobacco products in Uganda is most active on the borders shared with South… Continue reading Counterfeit Cigarettes In Uganda

Illegal Drug Seizures in Uganda in 2012

Police in Uganda arrested 780 people for drug crimes and had 312 people convicted in the criminal justice system in 2012. 3 people were convicted in the country for cannabis farming, 6 people were arrested for marijuana crimes, and 48 acres of cannabis were destroyed during the year. An addition 70 kilograms of cannabis seeds… Continue reading Illegal Drug Seizures in Uganda in 2012

Counterfeit Goods Share in Uganda

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards states that customers¬† have an 80 percent chance of purchasing a counterfeit item when shopping in retail stores across the country. Source:¬† John Masaba, “Uganda National Bureau of Standards,” All Africa, August 26, 2012.

Counterfeit Mobile Phones in Uganda

48 percent of the population of Uganda has mobile phones. Of those that have mobile phones, up to 30 percent of those phones are counterfeit. The counterfeit phones in Uganda causes an estimated $6 Million¬† (15 Billion Uganda Shilling) loss of tax revenue each year. Source: Aloysious Kasoma, “Uganda: Fake Mobile Phones Glut Local Market,”… Continue reading Counterfeit Mobile Phones in Uganda

Tax Revenue Losses to Smuggling in Uganda

The Government of Uganda loses $703 Million a year to contraband products being smuggled into the country’s black market. The losses represent 30 percent Uganda’s annual tax revenue. Cigarette smuggling alone causes $5.86 Million in tax losses each year.