Cost to Hire Security Guards to Stop Pirates

The Security Association of the Maritime Industry (Sami) reported to the BBC that there were over 200 companies providing security services in the north-west region of the Indian Ocean. 139 companies are members of the association, with almost half of the members being companies based in the United Kingdom. The companies provide a range of services, from ransom negotiation to armed guards to prevent kidnappings. An armed guard working in a group of three can make up to $634 (500 British Pounds) in a 5-day tour.

Pirate Attacks in 2011

There were 439 reported attacks of piracy at sea in 2011, down from the 445 cases reported in 2010. A total of 802 crew members were held hostage and 45 vessels were hijacked in 2011. The figures from 2011 were lower than the 1,181 hostages and 53 vessels hijacked in 2010. Pirates from Somali accounted for 237 attacks, or 54 percent of all pirate attacks in 2011.