Pirated Software and Malware in China

In a 2012 investigation conducted by Microsoft, the company purchased 169 PCs from retail stores in China. Every single PC purchased was installed with pirated Windows software. In addition, 91 percent of the computers were installed with malware or other types of security vulnerabilities. Source:  Michael Kan, “Microsoft: Most PCs running pirated Windows in China… Continue reading Pirated Software and Malware in China

Piracy Rate of Adobe Photoshop

Computer Software Maker Adobe reported to the media that there were 55 million pirated activations of its popular photo-editing software Photoshop in 2012. The head of its anti-piracy unit also stated that the company tracked up to 6,000 illegal activations per day of pirated copies of Photoshop that were 7 years old.

Software Industry Losses in 2011

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) reported in its Global Software Piracy Study that $63 Billion was lost to pirated software around the world in 2011.The amount lost to software piracy in 2011 was higher than the $58 Billion reported in 2010.

Legitimate sales of software higher in Vietnam than China

According to the United States Ambassador to China, sales of legitimate software is higher in Vietnam than in China, despite China having over 15 times the population of China. Software piracy is believed to be the cause for the low level of sales in China, with an estimated 78 percent of all software installed on PCs in the country being pirated copies.