Top ATM Skimming Countries in 2013

Criminals are using exploiting holes in wireless security to steal passwords and account details from ATM machines without the need installing skimming devices. Criminals conduct this activity by placing a “skimming” device over the card reader of a legitimate ATM and install a pin pad over the keys. When a customer would use the ATM,… Continue reading Top ATM Skimming Countries in 2013

Human Trafficking Victims in Romania in 2013

Criminal justice departments in Romania reported that there were nearly 900 human trafficking victims identified in the country in 2013. 557 women were identified by criminal justice professionals as victims of human trafficking in 2013. 278 of the females were underage. 319 men were identified as human trafficking victims, with 22 of the males being… Continue reading Human Trafficking Victims in Romania in 2013

Illegal Logging in Romania

Between 1982 to 2012, an estimated 80 million cubic meters of wood was illegally logged in Romania, according to the Minister Delegate for Water and Forests. The illegal logging activities caused $6.8 Million (€5 Billion) in damage. From 2007 to 2012, the rate of the illegal logging in Romania doubled, with illegal logging now occurring… Continue reading Illegal Logging in Romania

Corruption in Europe

The European Commission for Home Affairs released a study that found the European Union loses at least $162 Billion (€120 Billion) to corruption each year. More than 75 percent of citizens in EU member states believe that corruption is widespread in their country. More than half also stated that they felt corruption was increasing in… Continue reading Corruption in Europe

Cyber Crime in Romania

The United States Embassy in Romania estimates that hackers in Romania steal $1 Billion a year by targeting computers located in the United States. Security investigators in the country state that 80 percent of all cyber attacks that originate in Romania target US citizens and businesses. One common scam that targets American users is the… Continue reading Cyber Crime in Romania

Bribe Prices in the Medical Industry of Romania

According to media reports, doctors and other medical professionals looking to work in Romanian hospitals must pay a bribe in order to gain employment. The price of the bribe paid is determined on an unofficial sliding scale depending on the location of the hospital. One pediatrician reported that to receive employment at a hospital in… Continue reading Bribe Prices in the Medical Industry of Romania

Most Human Trafficking Victims in EU are European

According to criminal justice departments across the European Union, over 60 percent of the human trafficking victims in the EU between 2008 to 2010 were of European origins. During the three years, over 7,000 women and girls and over 2,000 men and boys from EU member states were identified as victims of human trafficking. By… Continue reading Most Human Trafficking Victims in EU are European

Half of Branded Products in Romania Stores are Counterfeit

Romania’s Custom Service stated in a report that about 50 percent of all “brand name” products that are available for sale in retail shops in Romania are actually counterfeit. Counterfeit goods from China enter the Romania market through smuggling routes that pass through Moldova and Ukraine. Some of the items seized by security services in… Continue reading Half of Branded Products in Romania Stores are Counterfeit

Organized Crime Groups in Romania

Intelligence officials with Europol has identified 240 organized crime groups operating within Romania. These gangs are responsible for 6.7 percent of all criminal networks that are active across Europe. Many of the criminal gangs are involved in rackets such as  payment card fraud and pickpocketing. 90 percent of the card-skimming crimes that takes place in… Continue reading Organized Crime Groups in Romania

Losses to Tax Evasion in Romania in 2012

An independent research organization in Romania released a study that claimed $24 Billion (€18 Billion) in government revenue was lost due to tax evasion activities. The amount lost is equal to 13.8 percent of the country’s GDP.  In terms of percentages, the amount lost in 2012 was slightly lower than the record high of 15… Continue reading Losses to Tax Evasion in Romania in 2012