Corruption in Europe

The European Commission for Home Affairs released a study that found the European Union loses at least $162 Billion (€120 Billion) to corruption each year. More than 75 percent of citizens in EU member states believe that corruption is widespread in their country. More than half also stated that they felt corruption was increasing in… Continue reading Corruption in Europe

Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

According to information submitted by readers to Havocscope,  average price to buy cocaine in Poland is $80. In the capital of Warsaw, the price of a gram of cocaine is generally more expensive and is sold on the black market for $90 to $100.  Often, cocaine is offered at a cheaper rate. However, the submitted… Continue reading Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

Internet Piracy in Poland

2.4 million people in Poland paid for pirated content online in 2012. According to the head of the Association of television executives, many of the people paying for pirated content did not know that it was unlicensed. Websites offering television and entertainment options to Polish customers create professionally looking sites that customers are lead to… Continue reading Internet Piracy in Poland

Losses From Fake Pesticides in Europe

Below are losses to selected countries in Europe from counterfeit pesticides. Country Losses Czech Republic 4.19 Million Germany 39.4 Million Greece 13.3 Million Hungary 6.6 Million Poland 22.9 Million Spain 103 Million Source: “Counterfeit Pesticides Across Europe-2008,” European Crop Protection Association, August 2008.