Marijuana in Paraguay

Security service officials state that Paraguay is the largest producer of marijuana in South America. Most of the cannabis that is produced in the country is exported to Brazil. In 2013, the criminal justice system seized 461 tonnes of marijuana in Paraguay. The amount seized was significantly higher than the 176 tonnes of marijuana seized… Continue reading Marijuana in Paraguay

Prison Gang Racketeering Profits in Brazil

The PCC (First Command of the Capital), a criminal organization in Brazil, makes $60 Million a year through drug trafficking and other racketeering activities. Based on data collected from various criminal justice programs, a report found that the crime syndicate has over 11,000 members with 6,000 in prison. The leaders of the group operate out… Continue reading Prison Gang Racketeering Profits in Brazil

Illegal Immigrants in Brazil

An estimated 300,000 illegal immigrants from Bolivia and Paraguay and 45,000 from Peru live in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil. Security officials in Brazil report that many of the illegal immigrants in the country use the services of human smugglers to enter the country and then fall victim to labor traffickers. Police highlighted a… Continue reading Illegal Immigrants in Brazil