Counterfeit Drugs in Colombia

The director of the Tax and Customs enforcement agency in Colombia stated that the profit margin for criminals selling counterfeit drugs is between 500 to 1,000 percent. For example, a fake Viagra pill that costs $1 to manufacture can be sold for $5 to $10. Intelligence analysts state that cost of the counterfeit drugs being… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Colombia

Drug Mule in Panama

There are over 1,500 islands around the coast of Panama in Central America. Drug traffickers utilize these islands in order to transport cocaine produced in South America. Traffickers bury the drugs on various islands and use it as a type of storage and transport point on its way towards the United States. According to media… Continue reading Drug Mule in Panama

Guns in Mexico and Central America

A report released by the Collective Security Analysis for Democracy stated that there were 2.8 million unregistered firearms in Central America, and an additional 15 million unregistered guns in Mexico. According to the study, the majority of these guns are used by organized crime gangs and drug trafficking cartels to carry out their illicit activities.… Continue reading Guns in Mexico and Central America