Losses to Pemex in First quarter of 2011

In the first four months of 2011, 20,000 barrels of oil was stolen every day, according to Mexico’s state-owned oil company.

The market value of the oil stolen in the first quarter was worth $250 Million.

The rate of 20,000 barrels of oil stolen per day was higher then the 10,000 barrels of smuggled oil that was stolen in 2010.

Shell Oil Company Losses from Theft and Sabotage in 2010

Oil company Shell reported losing 22,310 barrels of oil from 112 incidents of oil smuggling theft and sabotage in 2010. 187 people were arrested by security agents who were invovled in oil smuggling activities. 28 barges, 20 tankers, 15 vehicles and 38 other boats that were invovled in oil smuggling was also seized by authorities in 2010.