Child Prostitute in New Zealand

Girls as young as 13 are working as prostitutes in the area of South Auckland, according to a member of parliament. The MP stated in a radio interview that she has interviewed Pacific Island girls who have stated that they make up to $496 to $662 (600 to 800 New Zealand Dollars) a night. The… Continue reading Child Prostitute in New Zealand

Counterfeit New Zealand Dollars in Circulation

The New Zealand Reserve Bank reported that the amount of counterfeit money in circulation within the country was about 1 bank note in a million. The amount of counterfeit money detected in circulation was down from the three in a million rate reported in 2011. In total, about 136 million counterfeit banknotes, ranging from 5… Continue reading Counterfeit New Zealand Dollars in Circulation

Contraband Cigarettes in New Zealand Prisons

In 2012, criminal justice administrators in New Zealand handled 1,300 finds of tobacco and smoking equipment in the first half of the year, and 1,100 finds of smoking materials in the second half of the year. Due to a smoking ban in prison enacted in July 2011, cigarettes within New Zealand’s prison system now has… Continue reading Contraband Cigarettes in New Zealand Prisons

Street Gangs in New Zealand

As of 2012, there were over 40 different street gangs estimated to be active in New Zealand. One police association estimates that up to 6,000 members are considered full-time members, with an additional 66,000 associate members who are active in gang behavior.

Number of Viewers of Movies Online in New Zealand

In August 2011, the number of times that Internet users in New Zealand viewed pirated movies online was 110,000. After a change in law where pirated content users could be fined up to $11,980 (15,000 New Zealand Dollars), the number of online views of pirated movies dropped to 50,000 in September 2011.

Up to 41 percent of all Internet users in New Zealand access pirated content online. 28 percent of all Internet users worldwide access pirated content online.

Australia and New Zealand consumes the most marijuana in the world

According to a study published in The Lancet, Australia and New Zealand has the highest number of marijuana users in the world. As much as 15 percent of the population of the two countries between the ages 15 and 64 used marijuana in 2009, the highest rate in the world. By comparison, 11 percent of North Americans and 2.5 percent of people in Asia used marijuana.

Shell Companies in New Zealand and Offshore Accounts

The Justice Ministry reported that New Zealand shell companies launder and estimated $1.16 Billion (1.5 New Zealand Dollars) of illicit funds generated by organized crime each year. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand identified around 1,000 New Zealand limited partnerships and companies that many be used for money laundering activities in foreign off-shore accounts.