Illegal Logging in Mozambique

According to international experts, $250 Million worth of timber is illegally logged in Mozambique each year. The amount of timber that is illegally cut down in the country accounts for nearly two-thirds of all logging activities in Mozambique. Between 2000 and 2012, over two million hectares of forest has been cut down in Mozambique. (More… Continue reading Illegal Logging in Mozambique

Number of Elephants Killed in Mozambique by Poachers

Over 2,500 elephants are estimated to have been killed by poachers in Mozambique between 2009 and 2012. It was previous reported by intelligence services that poachers in Mozambique were using land mines to kill elephants for their ivory. (Price of ivory and other wildlife trade products.) Source:  John Yeld, “Mozambique steps up war on poaching,”… Continue reading Number of Elephants Killed in Mozambique by Poachers

Illegal Timber Exported from Mozambique

A report by the Environmental Investigation Agency found that up to 48 percent of the timber from Mozambique that is exported to China was illegally logged. This activity costs the Government of Mozambique $30 Million in lost tax revenue. Source:  Pamela Dockins, “Illegal Logging Costs Mozambique, Other Countries,” Voice of America, February 14, 2013.

Tactics of Elephant Poachers in Central Africa

The New York Times reported on the various tactics that elephant ivory poachers are deploying against park rangers in Central Africa. Experts are reporting that the poachers are using former soldiers who are employing military tactics to kill rangers that come across their activities. In Kenya, six rangers were killed during 2012. In the Democratic… Continue reading Tactics of Elephant Poachers in Central Africa