How Much Drug Money US Officials Seize Each Year

US Law Enforcement Authorities are only able to seize $0.25 out of every $100 in drug trafficking profits that the Mexican drug cartels generate. The AP based their figure on the estimated $25 Billion a year in drug trafficking proceeds that the cartels control with the $61 Million that the US Treasury seized ($3 million frozen and $58 million in cash seized from raids).

Money Laundering in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Minster of Finance stated that up to $10 Million is being smuggled out of the country by corrupt officials. The cash is being flown to Dubai where it is funneled into financial institutions. The money is mainly proceeds from drug trafficking operations, as well as individuals imply attempting to hid their assets.

Laundering of Payments by Sea Pirates

Kidnap for ransom payments made to pirates in Somalia are difficult to track due to the payments being made in cash, according to the BBC. An estimated $80 million in ransom payments are believed to have been laundered by organized crime syndicates in the Gulf region, but this has been denied by Gulf authorities.