Knights Templar Revenue from Illegal Mining

Security services in Mexico state that the organized crime group Knights Templar have made millions of dollars in the state of Michoacan by extorting local mines. The group, which primarily makes its money from drug trafficking, forces local mine operators to pay between $4 to $7 per tonne of minerals that is extracted in the… Continue reading Knights Templar Revenue from Illegal Mining

India as a Source Country for Drugs in South Asia

According to data released by criminal justice programs, India is a main supplier of illegal narcotics to countries in South Asia. The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) reported that drugs and ingredients from India’s pharmaceutical industry is diverted to the black market. The illicit pharmaceutical pills are either trafficked domestically or smuggled on to the… Continue reading India as a Source Country for Drugs in South Asia

Sales of Illegal Drugs in Goa, India

According to criminal justice programs in India, sales of illegal drugs in Goa, India is worth $950 Million a year. The types of drugs sold in the Western state includes all major drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy,  heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. Drug trafficking in the popular tourist areas were previously controlled by organized crime gangs… Continue reading Sales of Illegal Drugs in Goa, India

Price to Buy Crystal Meth in Montana

According to intelligence released by criminal justice programs in Montana, a gram of meth sold on the streets of Montana goes for $187 per gram on average. (How much does meth cost? Prices from around the world.) The state has seen an increase in the amount of meth being seized by police. In 2011, security… Continue reading Price to Buy Crystal Meth in Montana

Steroids in Australia

Data from the Australian Crime Commission shows that there are more people arrested for steroid use in Queensland than in any other state in Australia. 58 percent of all steroids arrests in Australia in 2011 to 2012 took place in Queensland. According to preliminary data collected from national criminal justice programs, Queensland will also have… Continue reading Steroids in Australia

Drug Use in Bulgaria

According to the director of a criminal justice program operating in the country, around 30 percent of students in Bulgaria have used some type of illegal drugs in their lifetimes. The most used drugs by students in the country were amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine. The drug use by students was concentrated in the bigger cities… Continue reading Drug Use in Bulgaria

Meth Trafficking and Yaba in Thailand

The Office of  the Narcotics Control Board in Thailand released its statistics on meth trafficking arrests in Thailand for 2013. According to figures from criminal justice programs, there were 431,000 drug related arrests across Thailand in 2013. The number of arrests have been increasing each year, with 386,000 arrests in 2012 and 224,000 arrests in… Continue reading Meth Trafficking and Yaba in Thailand

Captagon in Syria and Lebanon

According to media reports, the price to buy a tablet of Captagon in Syria is between $5 to $20. The market for Captagon in the Middle East has increased in recent years as the war in Syria has continued. Criminal justice officials believe that Syria produced the most Captagon tablets in 2013, surpassing Lebanon as… Continue reading Captagon in Syria and Lebanon

Steroids Use in New South Wales

A survey of 2,400 drug injecting users in Australia found that the taking of performance enhancing drugs increased sharply amongst young men in the country. 74 percent of people in New South Wales who started injecting drugs into their bodies injected performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) in 2013.  In 2003, the number who started… Continue reading Steroids Use in New South Wales