Contraband Smuggling in New South Wales Prisons

In 2013, officers with various criminal justice programs in Australia charged 173 visitors of inmates with crimes for attempting to smuggling contraband into prisons. Nearly 600 people were additionally refused entry into the prison after being discovered to be carrying contraband. Most of the visitors who were charged or denied entry were women. The Commissioner… Continue reading Contraband Smuggling in New South Wales Prisons

Marijuana in Paraguay

Security service officials state that Paraguay is the largest producer of marijuana in South America. Most of the cannabis that is produced in the country is exported to Brazil. In 2013, the criminal justice system seized 461 tonnes of marijuana in Paraguay. The amount seized was significantly higher than the 176 tonnes of marijuana seized… Continue reading Marijuana in Paraguay

Drug Trafficking Arrests in Nepal

In 2013, security services in Nepal arrested 129 people who were foreign nationals within the country who were trafficking drugs. The Nepalese Narcotics Bureau state that a large portion of the drugs used within the country takes place by foreign tourists visiting Katmandu, with the primary drug used being marijuana. During the year, government security… Continue reading Drug Trafficking Arrests in Nepal

Synthetic Drugs in Colombia

Criminal justice programs across Colombia report that synthetic drugs are more popular with users that traditional forms of illegal drugs. In the capital of Bogota, synthetic drugs are used more often than marijuana, cocaine and heroin, according to the National Police of Colombia. A study conducted in 2013 found that there were 130 points of… Continue reading Synthetic Drugs in Colombia

Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

According to information submitted by readers to Havocscope,  average price to buy cocaine in Poland is $80. In the capital of Warsaw, the price of a gram of cocaine is generally more expensive and is sold on the black market for $90 to $100.  Often, cocaine is offered at a cheaper rate. However, the submitted… Continue reading Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

American Students who Smoke Marijuana

36 percent of high school seniors in the United States stated that they smoked marijuana in 2013. Over 12 percent of eight graders also smoked marijuana during the year. Nearly 60 percent of seniors stated that they did not view marijuana use as harmful, compared to 55 percent in 2012. According to an annual survey… Continue reading American Students who Smoke Marijuana

Hash-Oil Extraction Labs in California

Between January and the beginning of December 2013, security services in San Diego seized around 120,000 marijuana plants that were illegally grown in the county. The plants were seized from 113 different grow sites. The marijuana raids resulted in 89 arrests, with 58 grow sites located outdoors and 55 indoor growing operations. Nearly 75 percent… Continue reading Hash-Oil Extraction Labs in California

Number of Teens Working for the Drug Cartels

Border security agents in the United States have seen an increase in the number of teenagers transporting methamphetamine from Mexico into the US. Back in 2009, security services arrested 176 minors under the age of 18 for entering California border crossing with marijuana. There were 5 arrests for methamphetamine. In 2010, the arrests for marijuana… Continue reading Number of Teens Working for the Drug Cartels

Illegal Drugs in India Between 2009-2012

Synthetic drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine seizures increased by over 250 percent in India between 2009 and 2012. Security agents in India seized 12 kilograms of cocaine and 1,244 kilograms of ephedrine (used to make meth) in 2009. By 2012, the kilos of cocaine seized in India increased to 44, and ephedrine seizures rose… Continue reading Illegal Drugs in India Between 2009-2012