Child Labor in the UK

A new research study stated that up to one fifth of Britons could be indirectly supporting child trafficking based on their purchases of goods on the black market. The survey by ECPAT stated that people purchasing pirated DVDs, smoking marijuana, visiting prostitutes and giving money to child beggars could be funding operations that trafficking children. The United Kingdom is a key transit hub for the human trafficking of children. Children from 52 different countries are victims of child trafficking.

Drug smuggling by boat

The US Coast Guard and the Border Patrol are seizing more and more drugs attempting to be smuggle by boat. In FY 2007, authorities seized 996 pounds of marijuana being smuggled by boat. In FY 2008, 6,300 pounds were seized. Halfway through FY2009, 6,100 pounds were already seized. The increase is attributed to stepped up patrols on land between Mexico and the United States.

Marijuana tax revenue in California

California Board of Equalization reports that the state of California could receive up to $1.4 billion in tax revenue if marijuana was taxed. The figure is based upon placing a $50 tax on each ounce sold. 8.6 million pounds is produced each year in the state with a value of $13.8 billion. The state would earn up to $990 million on the $50 tax and an additional $392 million in sales tax.