Value of a Single Duffel Bag Filled with Cocaine in Italy

At the largest seaport in Italy, Gioia Tauro, duffel bags filled with cocaine is smuggled into the country through shipping containers that were packed in Central or South America. The bags are filled with super-pure cocaine weighing about 40 to 45 kilograms. The bags are light enough that one man can quickly lift and remove… Continue reading Value of a Single Duffel Bag Filled with Cocaine in Italy

Mafia Killings in Montreal

In 2012, police in Montreal reported that there were 18 murders that were related to organized crime activities. The number refers only to successful killings and does not include the many attempted murders that took place in public places such as in bars and cafes. Law enforcement experts in Montreal are stating that the Italian… Continue reading Mafia Killings in Montreal

Witness Protection Program in Italy

As of 2010, there were nearly 4,700 people living under the witness protection program in Italy after testifying against organized crime in the country. Around 1,000 of these witnesses were “collaborators,” or people who were previously associated with the Mafia before turning state’s evidence. The rest of the people are family members of the collaborators.