Drug Abuse in Kyrgyzstan

The Government of Kyrgyzstan estimates that 10,000 people in the country inject illegal drugs. Roughly 10 percent of the drug abusers in Kyrgyzstan are women. In 2013, security services closed 281 drug crime cases, compared to 213 in 2012. Law enforcement also seized nearly 5.2 tonnes of illegal drugs in 2012. Heroin seizures consisted of… Continue reading Drug Abuse in Kyrgyzstan

The Drug Capital of Central Asia

The city of Osh in Kyrgyzstan is reported to be the drug capital of Central Asia, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Due to the city’s geographic location, the city is used as a key transit point for drug trafficking routes in Central Asia. Heroin is trafficked from Afghanistan into Tajikistan, and into Osh, where… Continue reading The Drug Capital of Central Asia

Value of Smuggling between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

According to officials, the border between the Central Asia Countries of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan is filled with illicit trading by smugglers on both sides of the border.

An official in Kyrgyzstan told local media that an estimated $90 Million worth of fruits and vegetables are smuggled from Uzbekistan and into Kyrgyzstan. In the opposite direction, goods produced in China are smuggled into Uzbekistan through Kyrgyzstan.

Customs officials in Uzbekistan reported seizing about $60 Million worth of contraband from smugglers in 2011.

A smuggler in Uzbekistan stated that a smuggler can make up to $300 a day on average.