Losses to Car Maker Nissan from Counterfeits in the UAE

According to company officials, Japanese motor company Nissan losses about $60 Million each year to counterfeit auto parts in the United Arab Emirates. These fake car parts include brake pads, radiators, windscreens and other vehicle parts. In the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes Baharain, Kuwait, Omanm, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the counterfeit auto… Continue reading Losses to Car Maker Nissan from Counterfeits in the UAE

Prices of Escorts in Kuwait

According to customers who hire escorts in Kuwait, the average price of street prostitutes in Kuwait range from $70 to $141 (20 to 40 Kuwaiti Dinars). The women who are working on the streets are generally from China or Ethiopia. High-class call girls in the country reportedly charge $529 (150 KWD) for two hours with… Continue reading Prices of Escorts in Kuwait

Counterfeit imports in Kuwait

The Chairman for the Kuwait Society for Consumer Protection stated that nearly 70 percent of all commodities imported into the country are counterfeits. The sellers of the counterfeits are able to earn up to $500 Million a year.