Hostess Earnings in Ginza, Tokyo

Media reports from Japan state that a woman working at a hostess club in the high-end entertainment city of Ginza, Japan, can make over $19,500 (2 Million Japanese Yen) a month. A top hostess who is able to bring in numerous high- spending customers is able to earn up to $97,000 (10 Million Yen) a… Continue reading Hostess Earnings in Ginza, Tokyo

Human Trafficking Victims in Japan

The Polaris Project, an non-governmental organization, estimates that there are up to 54,000 human trafficking victims that are bought and sold in Japan each year. In an article with the Bangkok Post, the report highlighted cases where women from the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea were trafficked to Japan in order to work in the… Continue reading Human Trafficking Victims in Japan

Japanese Yakuza Arrests and Membership Numbers

Police in Japan arrested over 24,000 yakuza members across the country in 2012. Included in the arrests were 23 bosses of the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest organized crime syndicate in Japan. The crimes that the members were arrested for included extortion, illegal drugs, illegal gambling, theft and fraudulent activities. In addition to arrests, yakuza groups across… Continue reading Japanese Yakuza Arrests and Membership Numbers

Underage Prostitution Cases in Japan in 2012

In 2012, the National Police Agency in Japan investigated nearly 6,800 reports of underage prostitution in the country. Security officials state that the number of transactions conducted online has increased over the past three years. Source:  “NPA to launch nationwide protection scheme for underage girls offering sex for cash online,” Japan Today, October 12, 2013.

Prostitution of Minors in Japan

A 14 year old Japanese girl told anti human trafficking organization Polaris Project Japan that men were paying roughly $100 (10,000 Japanese Yen) to have sex with her in hotels in Japan. The men, who ranged from college age men to “a man who was around the same age as her own grandfather”, responded to… Continue reading Prostitution of Minors in Japan