Mob Killings and Assassinations in Israel

Criminal justice agencies in Israel are reporting a rise in advanced explosive attacks being carried out by organized crime groups. The groups are conducting assassinations and attacks with the use of explosives and other materials stolen from security forces. All men in Israel must serve in the military. Thus, organized crime members are well versed… Continue reading Mob Killings and Assassinations in Israel

Illegal Immigrants Entering Israel in 2012

The Government of Israel estimates that over 10,000 immigrants illegally entered the country in 2012. Criminal justice officials believe that most of the immigrants were from African countries such as Eritrea and Sudan. Many of the immigrants hire the use of human smugglers to guide them across the Sinai peninsula, yet do not complete the… Continue reading Illegal Immigrants Entering Israel in 2012

Price Received for Selling Organ in Costa Rica

During the first six months of 2013, immigration officials in Costa Rica identified 20 cases of human trafficking within the country. 9 victims were trafficked for sexual exploitations, and 7 were victims of organ trafficking. People who sold their organs in Costa Rica received $20,000 for their organs and were transported to Israel for the… Continue reading Price Received for Selling Organ in Costa Rica

Price of a Human Egg

Police in Romania broke up a human-egg trafficking ring in February 2013. The traffickers would pay Romanian women between $800 to $1,100 (€600 to €800 Euros) for their eggs, and then sell it to couples in Israel for $5,339 (€4,000). Source:  AFP, “Romania busts Israeli human egg-trafficking ring,” Google News, February 19, 2013.

Number of Prostitutes in Israel

At the start of 2013, there were an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 prostitutes working in Israel. The prostitution industry in the country is estimated to generate over $500 million. Previously, the sex trade in Israel was estimated to be worth $2 Billion a year, with up to 3,000 women being trafficked in to the country.… Continue reading Number of Prostitutes in Israel

Transnational Crime Groups Involvement in Cybercrime

A study by the London Metropolitan University found that transnational organized crime groups are responsible for 80 percent of all crime committed online. In addition, the President of INTERPOL stated that Europe loses up to $977 Billion (750 Billion Euros) a year to cyber crime, and that the country of Israel deals with over 1,000 cyber attacks every minute.