Illegal Sludge Dumping and Fuel Smuggling in Ireland

In the first half of 2013, environmental officials in Ireland recovered 400 tons of waste that was illegally dumped by organized crime groups in Ireland. The waste was used to create white fuel that was used by drivers, and included ingredients such as sulfuric acid, cat litter, charcoal, and sand. In 2012, officials seized 445… Continue reading Illegal Sludge Dumping and Fuel Smuggling in Ireland

Money Laundering in Ireland

Between 2009 and 2011, anti-money laundering officials in Ireland received 38,984 suspicious transactions reports. 80 percent of the reports dealt with domestic tax issues and social welfare issues. During the three year period, 10 people have been convicted for money laundering cases in Ireland. Between 2003 to 2011, a total of 98,000 suspicious transactions were… Continue reading Money Laundering in Ireland

Number of Counterfeit Goods Seized in Ireland in 2012

Authorities in Ireland conducted 5,580 seizures of counterfeit goods in the country in 2012. The fake goods seized had a value of $7 Million (€5.4 Million). During the first quarter of 2013, criminal justice officials reported seizing 1,540 counterfeit goods worth $1 Million (€819,684). Source: Michelle Hennessy, “Over 1,500 seizures of counterfeit goods have been… Continue reading Number of Counterfeit Goods Seized in Ireland in 2012

Estimated Black Market Economy in Ireland

The Small Firms Association, a small business advocacy organization in Ireland, illicit economic activity in Ireland costs the government up to $7.8 Billion (6 Billion Euros) a year. The amount of black market activity takes up to 16 percent of the country’s GDP. Source:  “Black market ‘needs action’,” Irish Examiner, April 15, 2013.

Price of a Counterfeit Pack of Cigarettes in Ireland in 2013

According to government officials in Ireland, the average price a legitimate pack of cigarettes sold in retail stores is $12 (€9.20). Criminal gangs purchase counterfeit packs for as little as $0.26 (€0.20), and then sell the packs on the black market for $5.87 (€4.50). In 2011, an estimated 770 million illegal cigarettes were smoked in… Continue reading Price of a Counterfeit Pack of Cigarettes in Ireland in 2013

Dog Trafficking in the United Kingdom

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that tens of thousands of puppies are trafficked from Ireland into the United Kingdom. The traffickers are meeting the demand of puppies due to a shortage in the UK from strict spaying and neutering polices that have lowered the dog population.

Profits For Cigarette Seller in Ireland

A cigarette smuggler transporting 50,000 cigarettes to be sold on the black market would make a profit of $11,227 (€8,700). A van would hold ten times the amount of cigarettes, thus leading to a profit of $112,000. A shipping container can hold up to 7,500,000 black market cigarettes, giving the smuggler a $1.6 Million ( €1.3 Million) profit.