ISIS Extort Money in Northern Iraq

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) that is fighting in Syria is estimated to be collecting over $1 Million a month from extortion rackets in Northern Iraq. According to intelligence from security agencies, the group has expanded on collecting payments from businesses and shop owners since late 2012 and into 2013. The… Continue reading ISIS Extort Money in Northern Iraq

People Smuggler’s Fee for Transport to Australia

People smugglers operating in Australia were charging asylum seekers up to $10,000 to be smuggled into Australia, according to reports from criminal justice programs. In 2012, police identified 278 boats that was carrying  asylum seekers and operated by people smugglers. In the first six months of 2013, nearly 196 boats were identified by police. Data… Continue reading People Smuggler’s Fee for Transport to Australia

Money Laundering in Iraq

In 2013, a member of the Iraqi Parliament stated that up to 20 percent the country’ investment budget was subject to money laundering. According to calculations conducted by Al Monitor, the amount of money laundering that takes place in Iraq is $9 Billion per year. (More money laundering examples.) Source: Omar al-Shaher, “Iraqi Official Estimates… Continue reading Money Laundering in Iraq