Cardboard theft in New York City

Cardboard recyclers are estimating that they are losing between $8 Million to $10 Million a year to theft of used cardboard in New York City.

Over 150,000 commercial establishments in the city have contracts with waste management companies that pick-up used cardboard from their stores. These cardboard boxes are broken down and sent to recyclers. Thieves are instead driving rented trucks around the city and stealing the stacks of cardboard boxes and recycling it themselves.

An official with the waste management lobby stated that a thief could fill up a truck with one and a half tons of cardboard and make $150 for the haul.

Hazardous waste dumping in Vietnam

60 percent of hazardous waste generated in Vietnam is properly treated and disposed. The remaining 40 percent is either illegally dumped, buried or reused, according to the head of the Environmental Crime office. In 2010, 322 cases of hazardous waste violations were investigated with $476,000 (10 Billion Vietnamese Dongs) collected in fines.