Price of Abducted Boy In China

At the start of 2013, the reported price to purchase an abducted boy in China was $14,473 (90,000 Yuan). The price in 2013 was higher than the previous price of $6,432 (40,000 Yuan) that was reported in previous years. The higher price for an abducted boy in China in 2013 was attributed to a crackdown… Continue reading Price of Abducted Boy In China

Child Trafficking Cases in Florida in 2011

The Florida Department of Children and Families reported that there were 427 reported cases of child trafficking within the state in 2011. In 2009, there were 43 cases of child trafficking in Florida. (Latest crime in the US statistics.) Source:  Steven Kurlander, “Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Here’s a Better Way to Confront Them,” Huffington Post,… Continue reading Child Trafficking Cases in Florida in 2011

Child Trafficking Breakdown

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 27 percent of human trafficking incidents reported by 132 countries between 2007 to 2010 were child trafficking cases. Girls were the trafficking victims in two-thirds of the child trafficking cases. Over half of the children were forced to work in prostitution. 36 percent were forced… Continue reading Child Trafficking Breakdown

Missing Girls and Women in India

In 2011, police statistics found that nearly 35,000 children were officially reported missing across India, with most of the missing children being girls. According to the United Nations, up to 50 million girls and women are missing throughout the country due to female feticide (the abortion of a fetus because it is female) and infanticide. The… Continue reading Missing Girls and Women in India

Underage Prostitution in Minnesota

A study by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota reported in 2010 that up to 200 girls were being offered for sexual services on the Internet and through escort services across the state. The study also stated that girls are also being sold in private homes and on the streets. The Minnesota Indian Women Sexual Assault… Continue reading Underage Prostitution in Minnesota

Price of a Baby Boy sold in China in 2012

Police in China stated that the head of the village family planning committee in a county in Fujian province was arrested for participating in a baby trafficking ring. The women helped sell 4 babies, included a baby boy who was sold for $8,450 (£5,200). The human traffickers sold the baby boy to  a woman who… Continue reading Price of a Baby Boy sold in China in 2012