Revenue Loss from Smuggling in Germany

Cigarette smuggling in Germany causes the federal government to lose up to $5.6 Billion (4 Billion Euros) in tax revenue. The cigarette industry and retailers lose an additional $1.6 Billion (1.2 Billion Euros) in revenue from cigarette smuggling.

Losses From Fake Pesticides in Europe

Below are losses to selected countries in Europe from counterfeit pesticides. Country Losses Czech Republic 4.19 Million Germany 39.4 Million Greece 13.3 Million Hungary 6.6 Million Poland 22.9 Million Spain 103 Million Source: “Counterfeit Pesticides Across Europe-2008,” European Crop Protection Association, August 2008.

Number of Human Trafficking Victims in Mongolia

Human trafficking in Mongolia finds 3,000 to 5,000 victims each year. A majority of the human trafficking victims are women and children who end up working in the prostitution industry. Mongolian victims are trafficked to countries as far away as Germany, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.