Fake Diploma and ID Services in the Philippines

Forgers on the streets of Manila will make counterfeit university degrees in about two hours for $10 to $60. Other counterfeit documents, such as job references, cost $11.50. The main location where the counterfeiters sell their documents is between Claro M. Recto and Rizal Avenues. Counterfeit diplomas, identification, driver licenses, term papers and professional licenses such as a fake pilot license are all available.

Fake Driver License from China Confiscated by Police

In the first three months of 2011, Custom officials at Chicago-O’hare Airport seized over 1,700 counterfeit US driver licenses that were made in China. Most of the counterfeit licenses were addressed to college students and were counterfeited licenses of the following states: Illinois, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania.