Cost to Smuggle a Cuban Baseball Player to the United States

Based on previous intelligence and reports, the average price that a person from Cuba pays to human smugglers to be transported across the Florida Straits to the United States is $10,000. A United States Federal Security Agent testified that when the person being smuggled out of Cuba is a potential Major League Baseball Player, then… Continue reading Cost to Smuggle a Cuban Baseball Player to the United States

Prostitution in Cuba

The Justice Minister of Cuba reported that the government convicted 224 people for pimping activities in 2012. Seven individuals were also arrested for abusing minors. It was previously reported by media outlets that many tourists, particularly from Canada and Spain, travel to Cuba in order to have sex with underage children. (Prostitution prices worldwide.) Source: … Continue reading Prostitution in Cuba

Price to Get a Fake Birth Certificate from Cuba

A man in the US State of Florida was selling counterfeit Cuban birth certificates to illegal immigrants in the United States. Due to US immigration policy, Cuban nationals are able to apply for a green card after one year of being in the country. The man was selling fake Cuban birth certificates to migrants from… Continue reading Price to Get a Fake Birth Certificate from Cuba

2011 Drug Seizures in Cuba

State media in Cuba reported that authorities in the country seized 20,240 pounds (9,181 kilograms) of illicit drugs in 2011, the majority of which was marijuana. In addition, law enforcement detected 399 aerial drops of drugs to boats on its way to smuggle the drugs into the United States, an increase from the 108 aerial drops detected in 2010.

Unauthorized Cigar Production in Cuba

Black market producers of cigars in Cuba purchase materials illegally in order to manufacture unlicensed Cuban Cigars. Black market cigars are purchased for $8 for 25 cigars, with the boxes to hold the cigars sold for $5. Rings to insert onto the cigar are sold for the black market price of $30.