Counterfeit Drugs in Nigeria

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Nigeria reported that the prevalence rate of counterfeit drugs in the country was at 6 percent in 2013. The rate was down from16.7 percent over the previous five years. Officials in Nigeria state that most of the fake drugs originate from China. Source: … Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Nigeria

Counterfeit Medicine Seized by Australian Customs

In 2011 and 2012, Australian Customs Officials seized over 700 packages of counterfeit drugs. The number seized during each of the two years is significantly higher than the 262 packages of fake drugs seized by Customs in 2009-2010. The fake drugs consisted of counterfeit erectile dysfunction pills and pills to assist with weight loss and… Continue reading Counterfeit Medicine Seized by Australian Customs

Counterfeit Drugs in Russia

Federal regulators in Russia state that the available data shows that the counterfeit drugs market in Russia is estimated to be between $750 Million to $3 Billion. Back in 2005, Health Officials stated that fake medicine could make up to 20 percent of the drug market in Russia. Source:  Nathan Gray, “Report hits Russia’s lapses… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Russia

Fake Drugs in China in 2012

According to statistics from public health programs and security agencies in China, over 20,000 people were arrested in 2012 for producing and selling counterfeit drugs. The authorities investigated 14,000 cases that involved $2.56 Billion (16 Billion Yuan) in medicine value. Source:  Xinhua, “14,000 counterfeit drug cases cracked,”, February 20, 2013.