Over 10,000 Fake Online Pharmacies Shut Down

A 10 day crackdown against counterfeit drugs coordinated by Interpoal in May 11 to 21, 2014 lead to 8.4 million doses of fake drugs. 237 people were arrested worldwide and 10,603 websites that were selling counterfeit medicines were shut down. Fake pills being sold to the public included diet pills ad controlled pharmacy pills such… Continue reading Over 10,000 Fake Online Pharmacies Shut Down

Counterfeit Drugs in Liberia

Security services and public health programs in Liberia are attempting to crack down on the market in counterfeit drugs. In six months, authorities have arrested 10 people for selling counterfeit drugs in the country. The campaign began in July 2013 in an attempt to stop the trade in fake drugs. Buyers and sellers of counterfeit… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Liberia

Abortion Pill Online Cost

According to various media reports, women who are pregnant in the United Kingdom are buying abortion pills at online websites that sell the pill on the black market. The women are paying $128 (£78) for an abortion pill that they buy from websites. The abortion pills are sold by East Asian organized crime gangs selling… Continue reading Abortion Pill Online Cost

Anti-Counterfeiting Actions Taken in China in 2013

According to statistics released by state media, security services in China arrested nearly 60,000 people for violating intellectual property in 2013. The total estimated value of the counterfeits and fakes seized by China was $28 Billion (173 Billion Yuan). Over 90 million tons of counterfeit goods were seized by security services across China in 2013.… Continue reading Anti-Counterfeiting Actions Taken in China in 2013

Counterfeit Drugs in Turkey

An organized crime ring in Turkey was broken up by police for selling counterfeit drugs to patients in Turkey and the United States. The ring was packaging flu medicine that was worth $1.34 (3 Turkish Lira), and selling the medicine as fake cancer drugs to cancer patients for $671 (1,500 Lira). The sellers would track… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Turkey

Buying Cancer Drugs in Hong Kong

According to the Chairman of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Hong Kong, up to 90 percent of all cancer drugs in Hong Kong are bought by residents of mainland China. The mainlanders illegally buy the cancer drugs such as Herceptin in Hong Kong due to concerns about the medical counterfeit drugs and other safety… Continue reading Buying Cancer Drugs in Hong Kong

Counterfeit Drugs in Colombia

The director of the Tax and Customs enforcement agency in Colombia stated that the profit margin for criminals selling counterfeit drugs is between 500 to 1,000 percent. For example, a fake Viagra pill that costs $1 to manufacture can be sold for $5 to $10. Intelligence analysts state that cost of the counterfeit drugs being… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs in Colombia

What Type of Fakes are Bought in Britain

A survey conducted by accounting company PwC found that 18 percent of consumers in Britain admitted to purchasing counterfeit alcohol. 16 percent reported purchasing counterfeit drugs such as Viagra and weight-loss pills. And 13 percent admitted to buying counterfeit cigarettes. British consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 bought the most counterfeits, with 60… Continue reading What Type of Fakes are Bought in Britain

Counterfeit Drugs Seizures in Germany

In the first half of 2013, security officers in Germany seized 1.4 million counterfeit drugs. The number of fake medicines seized was 15 percent higher than the amount seized in the first half of 2012. According to security experts, the profit margin for a counterfeit drug such as fake Viagra can be as high as… Continue reading Counterfeit Drugs Seizures in Germany