Sales of Illegal Drugs in Goa, India

According to criminal justice programs in India, sales of illegal drugs in Goa, India is worth $950 Million a year. The types of drugs sold in the Western state includes all major drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy,  heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. Drug trafficking in the popular tourist areas were previously controlled by organized crime gangs… Continue reading Sales of Illegal Drugs in Goa, India

Price of Heroin and Cocaine in Kentucky

Havocscope recently received submitted data on the street price of heroin and cocaine in the US State of Kentucky. According to data submitted to Havocscope, the price of heroin in Louisville, Kentucky is $100 for a half gram, and $200 for a gram. In the city of Henderson, Kentucky, the street price of cocaine is… Continue reading Price of Heroin and Cocaine in Kentucky

Drug Dealer Earnings in Australia

A drug dealer in Australia stated that he makes up to $30,000 (35,000 Australian Dollars) a week selling cocaine to users across the country. (Income from illegal jobs.) Criminal justice programs in Australia have reported that the amount of cocaine entering the country has increased in recent years. In 2011, border security officials detected 486… Continue reading Drug Dealer Earnings in Australia

Drug Use in Bulgaria

According to the director of a criminal justice program operating in the country, around 30 percent of students in Bulgaria have used some type of illegal drugs in their lifetimes. The most used drugs by students in the country were amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine. The drug use by students was concentrated in the bigger cities… Continue reading Drug Use in Bulgaria

Crack Cocaine Price in Border Region of Brazil

Criminal justice programs and agencies across Brazil reported their illegal drugs seizures for 2013. Across the country, 35.7 tons of cocaine and 220.7 tons of marijuana were seized in 2013. In addition to the drugs, $34.1 Million in assets that were held by drug traffickers were also seized. The border regions of Brazil has seen… Continue reading Crack Cocaine Price in Border Region of Brazil

Marijuana in Paraguay

Security service officials state that Paraguay is the largest producer of marijuana in South America. Most of the cannabis that is produced in the country is exported to Brazil. In 2013, the criminal justice system seized 461 tonnes of marijuana in Paraguay. The amount seized was significantly higher than the 176 tonnes of marijuana seized… Continue reading Marijuana in Paraguay

Synthetic Drugs in Colombia

Criminal justice programs across Colombia report that synthetic drugs are more popular with users that traditional forms of illegal drugs. In the capital of Bogota, synthetic drugs are used more often than marijuana, cocaine and heroin, according to the National Police of Colombia. A study conducted in 2013 found that there were 130 points of… Continue reading Synthetic Drugs in Colombia

Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

According to information submitted by readers to Havocscope,  average price to buy cocaine in Poland is $80. In the capital of Warsaw, the price of a gram of cocaine is generally more expensive and is sold on the black market for $90 to $100.  Often, cocaine is offered at a cheaper rate. However, the submitted… Continue reading Cost to Buy Cocaine and Marijuana in Poland

Rainforests Destroyed in Peru due to Illegal Mining

Over 50,000 hectares of rainforests in Peru was estimated to have been destroyed in 2013 due to illegal mining activities. In 2012, 18,000 hectares of rainforest was destroyed due to illegal mining. Illegal mining has become a profitable activity on the black market for criminals in Peru. The value of the illegal gold mining in… Continue reading Rainforests Destroyed in Peru due to Illegal Mining