Pirated Books Seized in Chile

Between 2011 and 2013, authorities in Chile seized 362,752 pirated books from stores across the country. The pirated books were valued at $1.5 Million. In 2013, a total of 6,559 pirated books valued at $106,000 were seized in Chile. The rate of seizures has increased in 2014, with 13,181 pirated books being seized in the… Continue reading Pirated Books Seized in Chile

Top Money Laundering Countries in Latin America

A study conducted by the Mexican House of Representatives reported on the top countries in Latin American where money laundering cases occurs. The countries and the amount of money laundered is as follows: Brazil: $2.9 Trillion (5 percent of GDP). Mexico: $1.1 Trillion (3.6 percent of GDP). Chile: $268.27 Billion (4 percent of GDP). Peru:… Continue reading Top Money Laundering Countries in Latin America

Human Trafficking in Chile

Human traffickers were bringing illegal immigrants from Haiti into Chile. In the process of smuggling in the immigrants, the traffickers attempted to pay border officials $400 per immigrants in bribes. The border patrol officials instead started an undercover operations to break up the ring. Court documents state that the traffickers were selling immigrants in Chile… Continue reading Human Trafficking in Chile

Drug Arrests of Foreigners in Chile in 2011

In 2011, around 2,400 people from foreign countries were arrested for crimes in Chile. 70 percent of those arrested were for drug trafficking activities. 48 percent of the drug trafficking arrests were of people from Bolivia, 34 percent from Peru, and 8 percent of the foreign nationals were from Argentina. In 2011, up to 5 percent of the jail population in Chile were of foreign nationals.