Human Trafficking Profit from a Girl in Los Angeles

According to the head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Human Trafficking Unit, 33 people are arrested on average for child trafficking activities in Los Angeles each year. A human trafficker in the city can make up to $140,000 a year from the sexual activities of a single girl.

Child Trafficking in Georgia

In the U.S. State of Georgia, men were paying $600 to have sex with a 12 year old girl. The girl was being sold by a man who was baby sitting the girl while her mother was at work. The man filled the 12 year old girl with drugs and alcohol before having sex with her and selling her to other men. An estimated 400 girls are sexually exploited in the state of Georgia each month.

Price of Babies Sold in Malaysia

According to authorities in Malaysia, the price of a baby being sold on the black market is $6,588 (20,000 Malaysian Ringitt). The price of the baby depends of the skin tone and other physical attributes. The age of the baby when it is sold on the black market is usually between one to three months. However, police have reported cases where the child was as old as 6 years old.