Top ATM Skimming Countries in 2013

Criminals are using exploiting holes in wireless security to steal passwords and account details from ATM machines without the need installing skimming devices. Criminals conduct this activity by placing a “skimming” device over the card reader of a legitimate ATM and install a pin pad over the keys. When a customer would use the ATM,… Continue reading Top ATM Skimming Countries in 2013

Corruption in Europe

The European Commission for Home Affairs released a study that found the European Union loses at least $162 Billion (€120 Billion) to corruption each year. More than 75 percent of citizens in EU member states believe that corruption is widespread in their country. More than half also stated that they felt corruption was increasing in… Continue reading Corruption in Europe

Drug Use in Bulgaria

According to the director of a criminal justice program operating in the country, around 30 percent of students in Bulgaria have used some type of illegal drugs in their lifetimes. The most used drugs by students in the country were amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine. The drug use by students was concentrated in the bigger cities… Continue reading Drug Use in Bulgaria

Most Human Trafficking Victims in EU are European

According to criminal justice departments across the European Union, over 60 percent of the human trafficking victims in the EU between 2008 to 2010 were of European origins. During the three years, over 7,000 women and girls and over 2,000 men and boys from EU member states were identified as victims of human trafficking. By… Continue reading Most Human Trafficking Victims in EU are European

Top Countries in the EU Where Fake Toys Were Seized in 2011

In 2011, criminal justice agencies in the European Union seized 2.1 million counterfeit toys.  According to a breakdown by Toy News, five countries in the EU accounted for 57 percent of those seizures. Top five EU member states where fake toys were seized in 2011: 1. Romania:  319,174 counterfeit toys seized. 2. Germany:  308,506 counterfeit… Continue reading Top Countries in the EU Where Fake Toys Were Seized in 2011

The Financial Impact of Counterfeit Euros

The European Commission reported that  counterfeit euros in across the European Union causes a $676 Million (€500 Million) financial impact. Europol stated that most of the counterfeit banknotes that are detected and passed across the EU originated from Bulgaria, Colombia and Italy. Source:  Vincent Ryan, “Ireland’s counterfeit gang laws ‘insufficient’,” Irish Examiner, February 6, 2013.

Poverty and Prostitutes in Amsterdam

An anti-trafficking organization reported that three out of four prostitutes working in the red light district of Amsterdam were from economically distressed communities. Not-for-Sale stated at a conference on women’s rights that 75 percent of the women came from poor communities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

Racketeering in Bulgaria

According to a report by the Center for the Study of Democracy, organized crime in Bulgaria generate $2.2 Billion (1.7 Billion Euros) in revenue each year.

The black market is estimated to be about 4.7% of the country’s GDP.

The largest black market in Bulgaria is reported to be the prostitution industry, with $845 Million (1.26 Billion Bulgarian Lev) in revenue.