Stolen Dog Industry in Vietnam for Meat

An estimated 5 million dogs are slaughtered in Vietnam each year to be eaten. In order to meet the supply, dogs are routinely taken from pet owners in neighboring Thailand. Animal welfare groups state that most dogs that are trafficked into Vietnam have collars on them.

Due to the trade in illegal dog meat, Vietnam reportedly has one of Asia’s worst rabies problems.

A report by Time Magazine in 2013 stated that a stolen dog can be sold by traffickers for $155 to $214 (5,000 to 7,000 Thai Baht.) This price is higher than the previously reported price of $26 to $32 (800 to 1,000 Baht) reported by the Bangkok Post in 2012.

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Source:  Charlie Campbell, “Dog’s Dinner: Southeast Asian Nations Ban Illicit Canine Meat Trade,” Time, September 6, 2013.