Steroids in Australia

Data from the Australian Crime Commission shows that there are more people arrested for steroid use in Queensland than in any other state in Australia.

58 percent of all steroids arrests in Australia in 2011 to 2012 took place in Queensland. According to preliminary data collected from national criminal justice programs, Queensland will also have the most steroids arrests when the 2012-2013 report is released. In neighboring state New South Wales, 74 percent of young men who used illegal drugs used steroids.

Security officials state that many young men are traveling to Thailand in order to obtain steroids. The men stay in Thailand for 3 to 6 months to complete a cycle of steroids. In addition to Thailand, men purchase steroids on the black market from biker gangs (bikies) in Australia, or from dealers in local gyms.

Police stress that the men who are taking steroids are not taking them for any athletic competition, but rather to improve their image. Users have been found to combine the steroids with methamphetaminesto lose weight. These users then go to nightclubs in the Gold Coast in order to show off their new bodies. The steroids, which causes mood swings, combined with ice and alcohol has lead to reports of violence in Gold Coast. Police have reported that up to six officers were needed to restrain a man high on the combination who got out of control.

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Source:  Daniel Meers, “Cocktail of steroids, ice and alcohol breeding ‘super thugs’ behind street violence,” Courier Mail, January 25, 2014.