States With the Highest Positive Test Rates for Meth Use in the Workplace

The State of Hawaii in the U.S. leads the nation in the amount of positive tests of methamphetamine use at the workplace with a 410 percent higher rate of positive tests then the national average.  Arkansas was a second with 280 percent higher rate of positive tests, with Oklahoma coming in third with a positive test rate 240 percent higher then the national average.

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Hawaii still lead the nation in positive methamphetamine use in the workplace despite a 21.6 percent decline since 2006.

Overall, the percentage of people testing positive for methamphetamine at the workplace in the United States decreased by 44 percent between 2006 and 2010.

Source: Associated Press, “APNewsBreak: Hawaii is No. 1 in workplace meth use,” Houston Chronicle, September 1, 2011.