Size of the Counterfeit Golf Clubs Market

According to the 5 biggest golf manufacturers, sales of counterfeit golf clubs and equipment is equal to about 10 percent of the total legitimate golf market.

95 percent of the sales of fake golf clubs takes place over the Internet, with almost all of the items being shipped from China.

During a Spring 2012 enforcement campaign, brand owners shut down over 20 websites that were selling counterfeit golf equipments.

The counterfeiters in China are able to easily reproduce a club using either a legitimate club or even using a photograph. By creating computer-aided designs, the counterfeiters produce clubs that look very similar to the legitimate club.

Buyers immediately notice the problems with the clubs due to its internal structure. Clubs meant to have a hollow head may be filled with steel, or the walls of the clubs were not made to specs.

Back in 2010, golf manufacturers lost an estimated $6.5 Billion to counterfeits.

Source:  John Paul Newport, “Psst–Wanna Buy a Counterfeit Club?,” Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2013.