Shoes and Sports Equipment Seized in US in 2010

Replica shoes and athletic footwear was the most seized counterfeit seizures by the United States Customs and Border Protection in Fiscal Year 2010. Fake shoes accounted for 24 percent of all seizures, with 94 percent of the shoes originating from China.

There were 4,338 seizures of counterfeit athletic and sports apparel in FY 2010 worth $18.7 Million. 75 percent of the fakes came from China.

Exercise equipment accounted for the 10th most seized item, with 594 seizures of counterfeit equipment during the fiscal year.

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Source: “Counterfeit Sporting Goods Seizures Up in 2010, White House Seeks Enhanced Seizure Authority,” Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, March 28, 2011.